Training Staff

• Head Trainer

• B.Sc. Human Kinetics – University of Ottawa

• CSEP-CPT – Canadian Society of Exercise Physiologist

• NCCP Weightlifting Certification Program

• MA Strength Chinese Olympic Weightlifting System

• Westside Barbell Powerlifting System

• Trained Sport Therapist

• Sport Nutrition and Supplementation

Mike’s athletic pursuits began while playing competitive baseball and mixed martial arts in Ottawa. After graduating from the University of Ottawa with a B.Sc. in Human Kinetics, his path lead him to his ultimate passion, training and developing athletes.

Mike has worked with professional, junior, collegiate and high school athlete in multiple sports including: Hockey, Football, Soccer, Baseball, MMA, Wrestling, Boxing and Weightlifting.

He is a career-based strength and conditioning coach and has learned from some of the best in the business. Mentored by one of Canada’s top Olympic Weightlifting coaches, Pierre Roy, Mike has dedicated himself to being the best he can be through continuous learning, education, and practical training.



Strength and conditioning is the foundation for building elite physical strength, power balance, speed, agility and conditioning for athletes in all sports. Training within your sport can only get you so far, developing these abilities are better built in the gym. Every athlete must develop their physical ability to improve performance in their chosen sport. Strength and conditioning is there to complement the sport itself. Besides building the foundations described above, it also helps prevent injury, improve posture and body position to keep the athlete competing at their highest level as well as ensuring the body is as healthy as it can be.


Mike attributes much of his philosophy from his time spent training with professional performance coaches in California. He saw that, in the US, every sports program from high school to collegiate use strength and conditioning as their main training focus to improve the performance of the athletes. It’s no secret that all NCAA athletes practice strength and conditioning. This fact is a major factor as to why American schools produce some of the best athlete in the world.

To ensure continuity and high standards in all programs, all staff are trained by Mike Blanchard.


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