Personal Training

Personal Training is the best and fastest way to get the results you are looking to attain. Whether you want to increase

overall speed, agility, strength, explosiveness or some other weakness, we will design a program specific to your needs with feedback and coaching cues from one of our specialized trainers. Sessions can be booked to suit your schedule.

Please contact us to book a time that works for you.



1 Session - $60.00

5 Sessions - $275.00

10 Sessions - $500.00

Partner Training Max - 2 athletes

1 Session - $40.00 per athlete

5 Sessions - $35.00 per athlete

10 Sessions - $30.00 per athlete

Specialized Classes

We offer specialized weekly classes that can be attended on a regular or drop in basis. Each class has a different focus. Speed & Agility, Power & Strength, Core & Stability, and Cross Training classes will be available throughout the year.

To attend one of our classes please take a look at our class schedule below and email us at


Ages 9 & up

(Only $10.00 when purchasing

5 or 10 class weekly on ice package)

Drop in - $20.00

5 classes - $90.00

10 classes - $160.00

High Performance

This program is geared towards athletes that are dedicated to playing at the highest level of their sport. The program design incorporates some of the best training methods and periodization in the business. If you’re an advanced athlete trying to make it to the next level or Pro, this program will help maximize your performance and ability to achieve your goals.


Please contact us for pricing and complete info

Strength & Conditioning

Strength and conditioning is the foundation for building elite physical strength, power balance, speed, agility and conditioning for athletes in all sports. We offer an individual oriented specialize program that specifically targets the demand of your sport or physical activities. The goal is to optimize the performance through the year either in-season or off season. One of our qualified instructors will follow your progress and adjust your training to fit your demands.


To book your session please email us at:


Ages 11 - to adult

Team Traininig

Make team training a part of your

in-season or off-season program. No matter your team's age or level, our trainers will design a program that will greatly increase your players' overall fitness level. Quickness & speed, explosiveness & power, balance & agility, strength & conditioning, stretching & flexibility, core & stability....these are just some of the things we will design for your team to help your players be the best conditioned team game in, game out.


1 Sessions - $150.00

5 Sessions - $140.00/session

10 Sessions - $120.00/session

Small Group Training

Max - 3-6 athletes

1 Session - $30.00 per athlete

5 Sessions - $25.00 per athlete

10 Sessions - $20.00 per athlete


Vince Lombardi

Kid Fit Pro

"The best athletes are usually the best players in their chosen sport."

This class is geared towards building athleticism in younger students. Through body weight and light weight exercises, athletes will be introduced to training methods and routines that will greatly increase their fitness level, confidence and will give them that much needed edge over their opponents. Proper technique, posture and stance will be enforced so students learn how to exercise properly and efficiently while preventing injury.

To attend one of our classes please take a look at our class schedule below and email us at:


Ages 7-12

Drop in - $20.00

5 classes - $90.00

10 classes - $170.00